Profile ~ Anne McKernan, Connecticut - 2015


Anne MckernanAfter graduation from Fordham University with a degree in political science in 1985, Anne has been involved in coaching girls’ sports at Newington, CT, High School.  She coached varsity softball (1987-2001), junior varsity basketball (1987-1997), varsity and jv volleyball (1992-1998), and has volunteered in a girls softball league.  Anne is currently the Director of Leadership Development with the CT State Department of Education.

Anne has been involved with girls’ and women’s sports on three levels.  As a player, she was fortunate to play three sports in high school and one in college.  As a coach she had a total of 31 seasons over 16 years, helping several players earn scholarships. Many of her teams played in quarter, semifinal, and state championship games.  As an educator she oversees the development of CREC Magnet Schools which provide excellence and equality for families in the greater Hartford area. Additionally, she helped develop the magnet school athletic program that began in 2012.

“As a coach, I led a team that was 0-20 when I took over to 23-1 by 2001.  This team made it to the semifinals on two occasions and was ranked in the Hartford Courant poll.  As a jv basketball coach, I supported the coach who took the team to the state championship game in 1993.”