Profile ~ Claire Chamberlain, Massachusetts - 1993

Claire is currently an Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology, at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  Her professional career began at Bradford Junior College where she taught and coached tennis and volleyball from 1966 to 1971.  From there she moved to Lowell as an Assistant Professor of Physical Education where she taught physical education and coached basketball, archery, and tennis.  Her tennis teams participated in the Eastern Tennis Championships and in MAIAW post season tournaments.

For many years, Claire was been an active advocate for girls and women sports.  She has served and participated in MAIAW activities as president, committee chair, commissioner, parliamentarian, committee member, and conference director.  She has also served EAPECW as an officer – president, secretary, committee chair, and parliamentarian.  In addition, she has worked with and served the National Association for Physical Education in Higher Education and worked in her local community public schools as an advocate and volunteer in the area of women’s sport, conducting advocacy programs in the schools.  At Lowell, she served for 16 years as the Title IX liaison from her department as well as a co-chair on the President’s Commission on Sexual Harassment.