Profile ~ Denise J. Legault, Massachusetts- 1994

Denise, a 1965 graduate of Bridgewater State College, is the assistant athletic director at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  She started coaching softball and volleyball at the college in 1972.  No records were kept prior to 1975, but since 1975 her softball teams had a record of 137-76 and her volleyball teams during 1975-1977 had a 26-22 record.  In 1983 the Lowell softball team won the MAIAW-EAIAW championship and the ECAC in 1984.

She has been most active in the collegiate governing boards, having served on NCAA, ECAC, EAIAW, CECC, NECAC, NEISA, and MAIAW Committees.  She has been extensively involved in softball, serving on the ECAC Softball Division II Selection Committee from 1982 – 1988 (chair, 1984-1988), on the ECAC Softball Division II Selection Committee in 1985-1989 (chair, 1988-89), EAIAW Softball Seeding and Selection Committee in1982-1984, NECC Softball Committee, chairperson from 1986 – present, the MAIAW Softball Seeding and Selection Committee, 1978-84, and chair of the Softball Committee from 1975-77 and 1978-84.  In addition to her softball work, she has worked in basketball and tennis with ECAC, NECC, and MAIAW.  Denise has also been a member of the Commission of Ethics and Eligibility for MAIAW, Tourney Director for ECAC Division II Championships in 1991 and a member of the NECAC Division II Sectional Committee for the Female Athlete of the Year from 1985 – present.