Profile ~ Diana Schwartz, Massachusetts - 2000


Diana’s involvement has been extensive.  She has presented at leadership and sport career conferences for female high school athletes, has presented educational conferences for coaches, addressing issues unique to female athletes from psychological and sociological perspectives, and teaches courses in the Movement Arts major at Westfield State which discusses issues concerning girls and women in sport.  She has served as the coordinator for the National Girls and Women in Sport Day celebration at Westfield State College and organizes events related to sport for Women’s Week.  She also serves as a sport psychology consultant to female athletes, teams, and coaches.

In 1999, Diana was the recipient of the Pathfinder Award presented by the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport, AAHPERD, for her contributions to girls and women’s sport.

“In conclusion, I am honored by this nomination and thank you for your time and consideration.  I am continually awestruck by the many women who have been the pioneers in the area of sport for girls and women, and who have fought for the opportunities that have been available to me.  Although my advocacy efforts pale in comparison to these women, I am dedicated and determined to continue to be in the forefront of the ongoing battle for gender equity in sport.”