Profile ~ Enis Mattozzi, Massachusetts - 1992

Enis, currently employed as a Vocational Education Supervisor at the Learning Prep School in West Newton, MA, has been an active official in basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and lacrosse and has served in leadership positions for these boards as well as president and treasurer of the South Suburban Board of Officials which she helped to found.  For ten years she has been treasurer of OWCA.  Enis is also affiliated with the Massachusetts Affiliated Board of Officials, the Eastern Massachusetts Soccer Officials Association, and the Boston Lacrosse Association.

Her statement included in her biographical data best expresses her dedication for women’s sport.

“As an advocate and then as an official, my goals were to foster the best in servicing women’s athletics, to insure equity for women in the assigning process, to organize and provide clinics for the training of officials, and to provide technical assistance to executive committees in those to which I was appointed.”