Profile ~ Jocelyn Dill, Maine - 2011

Jocelyn DillFrom 1966 to 1975 Jocelyn coached basketball, cheerleading, and gymnastics at Biddeford Middle School and field hockey, basketball, track & field, and gymnastics at Kennebunk High School. Starting in 1975, Jocelyn focused her energy on intramurals at the elementary school level. She began with gymnastics, added girls’ basketball, and then started an afterschool program called Stretch Beyond where several sports for girls were offered.

From 1985-1995, Jocelyn ran activities at her school for Girls and Women’s Sports Days and attended additional Sports Days night events.

In 2008, Jocelyn became the coordinator for the Maine Senior Games where she set a goal of increasing the level of participation. Many pre-Title IX women never had a chance to compete so she started a women’s softball team for those ages 50+. She offers other non-competitive “learn or explore” days for women to learn a new sport in hopes of getting more of them involved in the Senior Games. The current ratio of 70% (men) - 30% (women) is something Jocelyn is “trying to change”.