Profile ~ Mary Twomey, New Hampshire - 1990

Mary has, for the past seven years, been a dedicated member of New Agenda: Northeast Committee for the advancement of girls and women in sport.  She has traveled monthly from Hampton, New Hampshire, to participate in planning and working sessions for the conference.  Recently, she was named the “Outstanding Woman of New Hampshire” for her contributions to sportswomen in New Hampshire.  Her dedication and hard work have led to the establishment of the New Hampshire National Girls and Women in Sports Day Celebration in Concord.  She has also attended several of the national celebrations in Washington, D.C., and participated in the National Run with Molly Yard several years ago.  Mary is the past president of the New Hampshire Chapter of the National Association for Women.  She is a sportswriter for several local newspapers in New Hampshire, and was a candidate for a seat on the New Hampshire Legislature in the recent election.