Profile ~ Patricia Randall, Massachusetts - Jan, 1995


Patricia is a Health Coordinator for the Westfield Public Schools as well as a coach of field hockey, softball, track & field, gymnastics, basketball, and soccer.  Her coaching career began in 1963 when she coached gymnastics at the Westfield YMCA.  Over the years she has coached at the high school, college, and community level: eight years coaching varsity field hockey, eight years coaching varsity softball, five years coaching varsity track & field, nine years coaching gymnastics at the YMCA, thirteen years coaching varsity basketball, and three years coaching varsity soccer.  In addition to coaching, Patricia was a softball umpire for a number of years and managed the Westfield Whips.

As with many other women, records are non-existent, except for her basketball record of 252 wins and 54 losses.

Some of her teams were outstanding and qualified for league post-season play.  In 1974 her basketball team won the Western Massachusetts Championship; in 1973 they were third in Western Massachusetts; in 1979 they were the Valley League champions; and in 1980 they were the Western Massachusetts runners-up as well as the Co-Champions in the Valley League.  Her softball teams won the Western Massachusetts Championship in 1984.