Profile ~ Rosalie Brown Ciummei, Mass - January, 1995


Rosalie is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Physical Education at Wheaton College, Norton, MA.  Although she has not coached since 1980, she has constantly supported women in sport at all levels throughout her professional career.  The athletic programs for women, under her leadership, have remained strong and viable for over thirty years, including the advent of coeducation on the Wheaton Campus seven years ago!

Her affiliation with professional associations included being a member of the Southeastern MA Board of Officials for six years, the Boston Board of Officials for three years.  She has also held membership in the Eastern Association for Physical Education of College Women, and held various leadership positions in that organization from 1970 – 1992.  Her membership and leadership in the New England women’s Intercollegiate Fencing Association spanned 12 years and included serving as President, Treasurer, and Secretary!

Rosalie coached field hockey at Wheaton from 1962- 1977.  Her teams had ten undefeated seasons during that time.  She coached fencing, also at Wheaton from 1972-1980, ranking in the top ten in 1974 and 1975.  She was involved with the New England Women’s Intercollegiate Fencing Association Championships and the Northeast College Field Hockey Association Tournament in 1976.

She is the recipient of the Eastern Association for Physical Education of College Women Merit Award.