Profile ~ Wendy Wannop, Vermont - 2008

Wendy Wannop

Wendy has been involved in Woodstock, VT, field hockey for over twenty-five years.  The proud field hockey tradition at Woodstock Union HS includes three state championships. 

Wendy is a member of the Vermont State Coaches Association, is active in the Union Arena Community Center, and a member of USFHCA.  She served on the Board of Directors for the Woodstock Recreation Center and the WUHS Endowment Board.  She has received Coach of the Year honors many times.

Presently, Wendy is the athletic director at Woodstock Union HS.  For the last 6 years in this position, she has promoted athletics for all students, but is greatly pleased to see just how far athletic opportunities have come for girls at the middle school, high school and college level.  She summed up her brief bio with this statement: “athletics has been my life, my passion.”